Slack scheduler from POSTOPLAN

Being constantly in touch with the team, solving tasks flexibly, setting goals, and managing processes is the advantage of scheduling posts in Slack with the help of POSTOPLAN. Using this simple tool will save you time, effort, and money.
Free all-in-one automatic social media marketing system

Benefits of scheduled posts in Slack

Slack allows employees of one enterprise to communicate, taking into account all the main features of such communication.

Being able to schedule Slack messages at a specific time now allows you to:
Using Slack is a powerful tool for making a solid team work effectively. Scheduling posts allows you to save time on achieving your goals.
A smart automatic social network and messenger marketing platform allows you to create and promote content
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Free all-in-one automatic social media marketing system

Plan Slack content posting with your mobile

Imagine that you need to leave the office urgently. There was a situation when personal affairs and professional responsibilities were intertwined.

You need to complete the project urgently. The team is awaiting approval for some critical positions, but you cannot be at work.

Is it probably a disaster? No, schedule a Slack message using your mobile phone!

Using the mobile version will allow you to:

  • View urgent messages and make the necessary decisions for the development of the project
  • Communicate with your team and guide their work towards achieving their goals
  • Control deadlines and deadlines for completing tasks
Work on projects wouldn’t stop for a second due to external circumstances. You will be able to communicate with your team, flexibly respond to their messages, and schedule Slack messages to send later even when you are not in the office.

Schedule Slack messages to send later with POSTOPLAN!

To publish scheduled posts in Slack, you should use proven simple tools with powerful functionality; this is the POSTOPLAN service.

More than just a tool, it`s a smart, automated social and messenger marketing platform to create, schedule, and promote content.

You can schedule posts to unlimited channels in Slack. Each post can be previewed, so you know what the content looks like on that particular platform. At the same time, you can add an unlimited number of users for collaboration.

We offer you one week of free use of our service. You will be able to try all the benefits of scheduled Slack messages and appreciate the benefits of the platform. Take the first step now!

We Create Outstanding Opportunities
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Flexible pricing plans
Pay only for connected accounts, without extra expenses and overpayments
Two cool graphics editors to make your posts pop
Simple and with a constructor, and a library with 2 million images
Post to multiple accounts at once
Choose content and post it everywhere at once. It's convenient and saves time
Not only well-known social networks
Google My Business and Telegram compatibility
An unlimited number of users
Add colleagues, clients, or employees to work together
Preview publications
Post content and see in advance how it looks on each platform
Communicate with subscribers in your DM&comments
No more switching between accounts. Everything is available in one place
Over 700 calendar post ideas and suggestions
The POSTOPLAN calendar has several ready-to-use news hooks for every day
An unlimited number of projects
Add accounts to different projects to give different people access to them
Integration with Slack and WordPress
And with other services you need for working more conveniently
Mass scheduling
Easily schedule your content for months ahead
... and many other cool features

Let Our Clients' Feedback Speak for Us

Katerina B
I'm new to POSTOPLAN and I love it already!

With POSTOPLAN I can easily manage not only one but six social networks simultaneously. This means I don't have to login or even open my other social accounts — I can do the whole job in one place.

My opinion: great organizer

With POSTOPLAN I can make my life easier. It helps me use many social pages in one application and save hours and hours of my time. I have all the important notices in my pocket.

Adriana H
SMM manager
Very useful service

I want to share my experience of using POSTOPLAN. Very helpful service! Now we have posts published regularly, and I don’t have to worry about anything. And I like it is very convenient to see the statistics in your account.

A smart automatic social network and messenger marketing platform allows you to create and promote content
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • GMB
  • Telegram
  • slack
Free all-in-one automatic social media marketing system