Comparison of auto-posting services: POSTOPLAN and Agorapulse

Services for automatically posting on social networks greatly simplify the work of SMM professionals: they let you automate processes and boost the effectiveness of your SMM promotions.

There are many services for SMM professionals, which differ in functionality and price. We will help you to choose the one that is right for you. In this article, we will compare two SMM services: Agorapulse and POSTOPLAN.

Comparison of services

Service/functionality Postoplan Agorapulse
Start – $1.90/month;

Business – $6,9/month.
Free – free for a month;

Pro – $92/month;

Premium – $185/month;

Enterprise – a personalized plan for entrepreneurs.
  Number of users
Number of users
Start – 1 user,

Business – unlimited users.
Free – 1 user;

Pro – 2 users;

Premium – 4 users + $58/month per additional user;

Enterprise – 8+ users.
  Number of connected accounts
Number of connected accounts
Start – 2, Business – 5;
Free – up to 3;

Pro – up to 10;

Premium – up to 20 (for each additional account - $23/month);

Enterprise – 40+.
  Number of publications
Number of publications
Unlimited for all subscriptions
Free – up to 40, unlimited for all other plans.

Agorapulse’s free version has limited functionality: you cannot make a content plan or publication calendar and you cannot set up auto-posting. Once the 30-day trial expires, the service invites you to subscribe to whatever plan is the best fit for you. Almost all plans have a limited number of users and connected accounts, which is inconvenient for SMM professionals. The full feature set is only available to large agencies and corporate clients that have subscribed to the Enterprise plan.

POSTOPLAN offers a wide range of functionality to all of its users. The basic subscription plan provides all the tools you need: you can schedule posts up to 10 days in advance, create a content plan, set up auto-posting, and import from an RSS feed. Business is the ideal option for teams. These subscriptions give users access to analytics as well as the ability to reply to followers’ messages and comments directly on the service, schedule an unlimited number of tasks, and much more.

Main differences

Number of social media integrations

Agorapulse supports posting to 4 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It also integrates with YouTube. POSTOPLAN supports 10 platforms: posts can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, as well as the Slack, Telegram.


POSTOPLAN has unique features that Agorapulse does not:

  1. A built-in image editor for making creatives and photos for posts and stories. Thanks to a database of 2 million images and an assortment of filters and fonts, you can quickly and easily design visuals.
  2. A content plan with ideas for content creation. The calendar contains over 700 topics for posts. Every day you will receive at least 2 suggested topics for posts.
  3. Artificial intelligence. POSTOPLAN’s algorithms will select the best time to publish your post to achieve the maximum reach.
  4. Various workspace themes.

The POSTOPLAN interface is available in 9 languages. Agorapulse is only available in 6.


POSTOPLAN is better in terms of price and functionality.

POSTOPLAN users report spending significantly less time on SMM and see a steadily growing reach and subscriber base. The service is used by over 50.000 customers from all over the world.

Try POSTOPLAN for free: immediately after registering, you will have free access to each subscription plan for 7 days.