Comparison of auto-posting services: POSTOPLAN vs Buffer

To optimize promotion on social networks, experienced SMM professionals use auto-posting services. These SMM services let you schedule posts and publish them automatically.

In this article, we compare two services that facilitate deferred posting: Buffer and POSTOPLAN. We compare their prices and capabilities to make it easier for you to choose the best fit.

Comparison of services:

Service/functionality Postoplan Buffer
Start – $1.90/month;

Business – $6,9/month.
Free – free;

Essentials – from $5 channel/month, depending on the selected functions
  Number of users
Number of users
Start – 1 user;

Business – unlimited
Free – 1 user;

Essentials – 1 user.
  Number of connected accounts
Number of connected accounts
Start – 2;

Business – 5;
Free – up to 3;

Essentials – you can connect any number of accounts, but you have to pay $5 per month per account.
  Number of posts
Number of posts
Up to 10 per channel on the free plan

The free version of Buffer is suitable for beginner SMM professionals. This subscription level offers only one feature: schedule posting. If you want to work with a team, manage projects, create content plans, and monitor indicators and profile analytics, then you will have to pay extra each month for these capabilities. If you work with 10 accounts, Buffer charges you $50 every month. If you want to work on projects with colleagues, you will have to purchase this as an additional option. The subscription price and the cost of each account increases by $5.

With POSTOPLAN, all the functionality you need is included in the Start subscription. Business was developed with project teams in mind, allowing you to view analytical reports for all accounts, monitor messages and comments through the service, and schedule your posts for an unspecified amount of time in advance.

In addition to the price differences, POSTOPLAN has another important advantage. POSTOPLAN lets you post to Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, Telegram as well as Slack. Buffer has limited options: it only supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The platform does not support integration with instant messengers.

A little more about POSTOPLAN’s advantages

POSTOPLAN was created to make life easier for marketers and SMM professionals. The platform has a built-in image editor with an assortment of filters, fonts, and stickers so you can create your own visuals for social media content. You can maintain a posting schedule and content plan. Posting regularly attracts a larger audience and increases reach. POSTOPLAN brings together more than 700 newsworthy events so that you can regularly share content with subscribers: every day the service will suggest at least 2 ideas for posts.

Using POSTOPLAN is easy: the interface is intuitive and the site has a video tutorial on how to use the tools. The platform is available in 9 languages. In the settings, you can choose whatever theme you like and create a comfortable workspace.

You can try out all POSTOPLAN features in any of the subscription types for free for 7 days to see firsthand that the service can simultaneously reduce how much time you spend on SMM and increase performance. Most users say that POSTOPLAN helped them promote their accounts more effectively.


POSTOPLAN is more cost-effective than Buffer. With Buffer, you have to pay extra for each option. With POSTOPLAN, you will always have the features you need, right at your fingertips. POSTOPLAN is convenient for SMM professionals who maintain several accounts as well as marketing agencies with hundreds of digital projects.

50.000 users from all over the world, including HYUNDAI, GMX, Art Creation, and VIVALDI, already use POSTOPLAN’s capabilities to automate SMM. After registering, you will have a free trial to each of the subscriptions so you can evaluate POSTOPLAN features and make your social media marketing even more effective.