Comparison of auto-posting services: POSTOPLAN and Sprout Social

SMM services help make your promotion on social networks more effective. When selecting an auto-posting service, it is important to consider functionality, convenience, and subscription price.

In this article, we compare Sprout Social, a long-time market player, and POSTOPLAN, which appeared in 2020 but is already competing with popular auto-posting services.

Both services let you automate SMM. The basic versions are similar: both platforms let you create content plans and posting schedules, plan posts and set up delayed posting, and collect and analyze statistics.

Let’s explore how they differ from one another and which is the better choice.

Comparison of services:

Service/functionality Postoplan
Start – $1.90/month;

Business – $6,9/month.
Standard – $99/month;

Professional – $169/month;

Advanced – $279/month.
  Number of connected accounts
Number of connected accounts
Start – 2

Business – 5
Standard – 5;

Professional – 10;

Advanced – 10;

Addition accounts must be purchased.
  Number of users
Number of users
Start – 1 user;

Business – unlimited
Only 1 user

The different in capabilities is significant. The Standard and Professional plans from Sprout Social are more expensive than POSTOPLAN’s Start and Business subscriptions. Additionally, Sprout Social limits the number of accounts. This is a shortcoming, since SMM professionals quite often maintain more than 10 accounts in various social networks. In POSTOPLAN in the Business subscription, you can work with dozens and even hundreds of additional accounts, making an unlimited number of posts in each of them.

Only POSTOPLAN lets its users post in Telegram, expanding your opportunities for SMM promotion.

Unique POSTOPLAN features

POSTOPLAN has useful features that Sprout Social does not have:

  1. Built-in image editor with a database of 2 million photos and a set of filters and fonts. You can use it to easily make creatives and visuals for posts.
  2. Posting schedule with a content plan. POSTOPLAN suggests more than 700 ideas for posts, at least 2 per day. This helps you regularly post to social networks, expanding your reach and attracting new followers.
  3. Artificial intelligence: POSTOPLAN algorithms calculate and suggest suitable times to publish your posts in order to boost your reach.

The interface is intuitive, and the POSTOPLAN website includes in-depth video tutorials that explain all the platform’s features and capabilities.

There are settings to customize the theme, allowing each user to adjust the workspace to his or her liking.

POSTOPLAN is available in 9 languages.


POSTOPLAN provides everything a SMM specialist needs to work more effectively. Here you only pay for the features that you need. Even with a basic subscription, there is the option to publish as many posts as you need. If you are working on a team, A Business subscription is perfect for you: you can respond to followers’ messages and comments right from the platform, schedule an unlimited number of recurring posts, and much more.

POSTOPLAN is trusted by more than 50.000 customers around the world, including HYUNDAI, GMX, Art Creation, VIVALDI, and many more.

Try POSTOPLAN for free: immediately after registering, you will have free access to each subscription plan for 7 days.