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Dashboard Start Business
Number of accounts
Default maximum number of accounts you can connect to POSTOPLAN
2 accounts 5 accounts
Number of accounts for each service
Maximum number of accounts for each service (no more than the total number)
1 account Unlimited
Maximum number of users on your POSTOPLAN profile
1 User Unlimited
Services available
Services you can connect to POSTOPLAN
Buy accounts
You can increase the number of accounts to be connected for $0.99/month
Scheduling Start Business
Schedule and publish any number of posts in social networks, services and messengers
Unlimited Unlimited
Group accounts by categories and divide work in your team
1 project Unlimited
Schedule-ahead period
The number of days for which you can schedule your posts
10 days Unlimited
Recurring tasks
Repeat your post after a specified time
1 task for all accounts Unlimited
RSS feeds
Automatically repost articles and news from any websites at the time of their release
1 Unlimited
Analytics Start Business
General statistics
View statistics for your posts
Configure statistics
Choose periods and accounts to view statistics
The best time for publication
Find out when your posts have the highest engagement rate
Download a report
Download statistics and reports from our website
Team member statistics
Get detailed information about the activities of any team member
DM&comments Start Business
Replies to Facebook and Instagram comments
Reply to Instagram and Facebook user comments
Replies to mentions in comments and posts
Reply to Instagram user mentions
Replies to Facebook posts
Reply to Facebook user posts
Filter by tags and accounts
Find the mentions and messages you want easily
Post and comment statistics
Get statistics for posts and comments

Collaboration roles and tools

Add social media accounts
Reconnect social media accounts
Buy accounts
Moving accounts between projects
Deleting accounts
Account activation/deactivation
Adding and editing users
Changing the rights of project members
Deactivation of project members
Removing project members
Buy a subscription
Planning, editing and publishing content
Editing content of other members
Viewing scheduled content
Approve posts
Removing content
Disable social media ad campaigns
Creating projects
Changing projects
Deleting projects
Access to automatic content generation (RSS)
General statistics
Configure statistics
The best time for publication
Download an analytics report
Team member statistics
Replies to Facebook and Instagram comments
Replies to mentions in comments and posts
Replies to Facebook posts
Filter by tags and accounts
Post and comment statistics
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Could you elaborate on how your service works?

POSTOPLAN, the system for managing social networks and messengers, doesn't use complicated, restrictive plans limiting the number of accounts or users. Our Start status means free usage; the Business status provides access to the advanced features of the service. Both statuses allow an unlimited number of social network or messenger accounts. Also, the basic functionality will always be free.

How do I pay for Business status?

You sign up with just one click. You'll be initially assigned a Start status. Afterwards you go to the Business page, click on "Connect Business", and complete your payment. From that moment on you can enjoy all the benefits of a Business status.

How do I get my money back if something goes wrong?

If you would like a refund, please write to our Support Team from your personal POSTOPLAN account within 30 days of purchasing the plan. After this period, a refund request will not be possible.

How many accounts can I have?

The number of accounts is not limited. You can add as many social media and messenger accounts as you need, as long as you wish.