Comparison of auto-posting services: POSTOPLAN and Hootsuite

Auto-posting services can automate SMM and make it more effective. SMM processionals use these services to schedule posts for automatic publication in the future.

In this article, we will compare two SMM services: Hootsuite и POSTOPLAN. We compare their prices and features, and also review their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Comparison of services

Service/functionality Postoplan
Start – 1,9 $/month;

Business – 6,9$/month.
PROFESSIONAL – 45 $/month;

TEAM - 127$/month;

BUSINESS – 696$/month;

ENTERPRISE is for corporations and has custom pricing
  Number of users
Number of users
Start – 1 user;

Business – unlimited

TEAM – 3 users;

BUSINESS – 5 users;

ENTERPRISE – unlimited
  Number of connected accountsв
Number of connected accounts
Start – 2;

Business – 5;
10+ in the basic plan, up to 50 in ENTERPRISE

In the Start subscription, you can use 2 social media accounts and schedule an unlimited number of posts. These features alone will let you optimize your SMM. If you have a lot of projects and want to work on them together with your team, you should choose a subscription plan with more capabilities. You pay for only what you use. With Hootsuite, you pay more but get limited functionality, which may not be enough.

Why is POSTOPLAN better?

POSTOPLAN has fewer limitations: each user can connect all of his or her accounts to the platform. You can also create projects and let other experts access them.

POSTOPLAN can make posts on Facebook, Telegram, as well as essential business platforms Google My Business and Slack. Users on a Business subscription have access to Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Hootsuite lets you publish posts to 20 different social networks, including YouTube. But don’t forget that you cannot connect more than 50 accounts before you have to switch to the enterprise plan! POSTOPLAN is constantly improving its functionality and integrating new services. Soon YouTube will be available on the platform.

POSTOPLAN features that Hootsuite lacks

POSTOPLAN lets you maintain a content plan, and the service itself suggests ideas for posts. The calendar includes over 700 newsworthy events. Every day POSTOPLAN suggests at least 2 topics for posts.

The Canadian platform doesn’t offer interface customization, while POSTOPLAN has 7 themes to suit any preference.

Unlike the intuitively understandable POSTOPLAN, Hootsuite has complex and tricky interface that takes a long time to figure out. POSTOPLAN is simple to use, and if you have any questions you can read a detailed FAQ section or contact our responsive technical support.


Using POSTOPLAN, you can easily automate your SMM and make your social media promotions more effective. The service is perfect for small businesses, bloggers, and SMM professionals, as well as major companies with audiences counted in the millions and major SMM agencies. What’s more, the service offers the same functionality as Hootsuite, but without the limitations and at a lower price.

POSTOPLAN is trusted by more than 50.000 customers around the world, including HYUNDAI, GMX, Art Creation, VIVALDI, and many more. And this number is growing daily.

Register now and see what POSTOPLAN can do for you!