Katerina B
Katerina B

I'm new to POSTOPLAN and I love it already!

With POSTOPLAN I can easily manage not only one but six social networks simultaneously. This means I don't have to login or even open my other social accounts — I can do the whole job in one place.

Also I like that there's a whole calendar with international holidays here - great hints for scheduling my content. I already gave permission to other people to handle my projects because you CAN do it here. I give some of my projects for outsource to freelancers sometimes so I like that it's easier with POSTOPLAN now.

I'm still on the free version and it's great because I can use up to 8 accounts at the same time (now I have only 5). But with Business I can work from unlimited number of accounts and I can schedule posts more than 7 days in advance. And it's less than $2 a month so I'll jump on the Business Postoplan as soon as I need it.


My opinion: great organizer

With POSTOPLAN I can make my life easier. It helps me use many social pages in one application and save hours and hours of my time. I have all the important notices in my pocket.

Adriana H
Adriana H
SMM manager

Very useful service

I want to share my experience of using POSTOPLAN. Very helpful service! Now we have posts published regularly, and I don’t have to worry about anything. And I like it is very convenient to see the statistics in your account.

Also, sometimes it can be difficult for me to find a topic for a post.

I liked that several times POSTOPLAN helped me out with advices about it.

Shahroz H
Shahroz H

First, I must say thanks to POSTOPLAN. This system made my life easy. I am a freelancer and working on more than one social media platform and POSTOPLAN provides me one single platform to manage my all social networking platform.

When you are working as a freelancer you need to manage your client from different resources POSTOPLAN helps me to manage resources in one single platform and make my work smooth and satisfactory. This is the most user-friendly social service. It presents a clear and simple aspect that presenting a better flow. I can update my blog on social media accounts at the same time.

POSTOPLAN is the most efficient and effective tool. it never complicates things. POSTOPLAN provides the calendar that makes it easy to schedule your task. you can also save your time to schedule one time all your post in a day and feel free to complete all other tasks of your daily routine besides the social platform. It provides you more time to expand your business. it is easy to use and understandable. Its price is very low compare to its benefits. It is very easy to use and setup. Its quality is unbelievably very high.

POSTOPLAN also provides a photo editor that you can use and post on social media. I am using this editor to show a good picture of my research on Linkedin. POSTOPLAN provides a theme change facility you can change the theme according to your comfort and likeness. it also supports different languages.

You can also earn to refer POSTOPLAN to other colleagues and friends when they will use it.

Thanks again for this wonderful platform.

Evi B
Evi B
Full Stack Developer


Once I signup I won 20 posts by just taking an informational tour about the app. Isn’t great?

This app offers you various things you can do with posts from scheduling posts about different categories to promoting them in different network accounts .I tried the trial and give a lot of things for example 2 cool informational post ideas for each day that I can use for my posts.

It also allows me to prepare a photo for publication by applying filters, resizing, adding a logo and for each post I can check the statistics how the post it is going.

I can create prescheduled posts for seven days and use my frequently hashtags to my posts. It reduces me time by not promoting late sometimes my posts and help me to strategize my content.

I can say that POSTOPLAN IS very user friendly by the graphics that it offers.

Gresi X
Gresi X
Test Automation Specialist & Test Lead

I love everything about POSTOPLAN!!

It is so easy to use. It has simple graphics so you do not need to be a professional to schedule and promote the content. You can schedule different types of posts including Training, Sales , or if it is just Information.

If I just want to post only photos in my social network without a content it allows me to do that.

I can create a post and share it to multiple accounts at once.

The best thing is that I like to go to each of my accounts and look which posts performed really well and which one didn't so later I could edit them and promote it again.

Another pro thing about this app is that if you are too busy to schedule and promote the posts you can create accounts and give different people access to it.

How amazing is that ?

It saved me a lot of time if I had to do manually one by one.

I would definitely recommend it 100%.

Jordan R
Jordan R

POSTOPLAN enables me to manage all my social media account in one go. Working in different social media platform made efficient and effective (thanks for introducing this to me!).

First thing I like is it never complicates things around. The interface is very similar to an organizer that's easy to understand and use. I was able to link my most used social media accounts. The best and most important thing, letting me organize and schedule (and even repeat) my posts on all channels in a single click! The notifications are very timely. The Graphics design module, Stats (very nice to have), and more. It's a one-stop-shop for social media management and saves me more time. Pretty much cover the things I need here.

The Free version has a lot of features opened and with Free Business Plans too. The prices are low compare to the benefits you get (Excellent). Different people can take advantage of the benefits they get from this tool. Will definitely recommend this!

Varshini S
Varshini S
Self Learning:QA Automation/Manual

POSTOPLAN is a great system that allows to manage multiple social media accounts easily.

It helps to schedule our post that needs to share on the multiple social media accounts which saves the time to login to each account separately and post the same content everywhere.This is very helpful when a person need a break but needs to keep their business/blog active via social media accounts.For that we need to schedule the date and time on which the content needs to be posted on the required account.Able to mange and reply to the comments received for the post,while using the Business plan.Repeat post option is a great way to be used when the user needs to publish the same information like ads about their business for a certain period of time.

Sashika P
Sashika P
Quality Assurance Lead Consultant

My first impression was Wow !!! such a user friendly application with a simple but well organized User Interface ..

This Application has a free version which allows me to add 7 accounts from different social accounts.

Therefore Actually I was able to integrate all my social media account together which was extremely useful for me.

Moreover this application is allows me to prepare a convenient calendar which clearly shows the holidays & event which I need to concentrate.

Most Importantly I can create any post with any topic that I prefer & able publish.

This Application consists with a detail level Dashboard which shows all the information at glance.

Further more this application is support 9 different languages which enables this application features world wide.

One of the most useful feature which I'm interested is I can identify the busy time of the audience which is related to my business & I can schedule the post submission for those time period. As a result I can make more than 75% traffic in to my products & Services.

In addition to that you can create different account based on my different products community as well & I can provide the access for mu different customers accordingly. Therefore It will facilitate to maintain my all the business accounts appropriately.

In Conclusion, I'll highly recommend this product for the people who are seeking a platform which can ideal for the business marketing while interconnecting all of your social media accounts together !!!

Praveen J
Praveen J
Quality Engineer

POSTOPLAN is the tools which helps to grow my social media and help me to grow. It saves time like anything, Using this tool I can save my whole day and can finish my scheduled post in few hour. Best part is it has messenger service as well which i feel no other similar services provide. There is no limit on no. of account so we can manage anything and everything.

They provide a calendar which gives suggestion based on days or event, this feature really helped me to post content. I am a photo lover, i love to post images and POSTOPLAN provides a photo editor which helps me to edit/designer the images,.

POSTOPLAN is the easiest and most user friendly application I has seen and i can bet no other similar service provider and claim the same.

Shivkumar R.
Shivkumar R.
Test Analyst

Overall it was a very good experience as using POSTOPLAN. It's easy to use and user friendly interface which makes POSTOPLAN a unique.

In POSTOPLAN, I like the feature they have provided to manage and publish content for social account. You can add all social media account and publish content e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. As I am Test engineer so always check functional and non functional on app. Based on my experience can say that POSTOPLAN easy to use even if you are a beginner, It has a very good interface. Recommended my friends and collogues to use POSTOPLAN free trial once.

Inna K.
Inna K.
Cruise Manager

After completing a course for Social Network Management I've started several new projects about travelling where I share my own experience of being a Cruise Manager and support everyone who nowadays doesn't have an opportunity to travel. Im fairely new to POSTOPLAN but truly impressed with all of the options and quality of the service it offers.

This system allows to easily manage several networks at the same time - an amazing help with the online life & business that saves the most precious thing - my time. Im thankful for a free version that gives a chance to test the application features and one more time to prove that you have made the right choice. This software easily manages by itself as much as sometimes the whole marketing department does. It covers absolutely all most popular and favorite social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.

One of the features I really like is a convenient event calendar with pre-prepared content posting option. Once all of the content is nicely planned you can be sure that none of the holidays or special events will get missed. In addition, all of my posts will be published - if necessary, in all of the networks at the same time as the application will send it to all of the group or profile subscribers automatically. Super low price on PRO-Account gives access to some extra functions, though if you dont really want to pay $1.4 per month to upgrade for Business - you can still easily publish posts with the free account as

Easy access, easy to understand, easy to use both on the phone and laptop. - Before I had to work in all of the social networks separately, now - I manage all at once and can control what posts were posted, when and in which network. - I can plan my posts for a day or fill the whole week or month at once. - The publications are now nicely scheduled and appear in my networks with better consistency than before. - When you run out of your own ideas - the application has many more to offer, you can easily use them or adapt them to your needs.

Vera S.
Vera S.
Business development manager

A convenient program for people who work in SMM or have to manage several different social media accounts due to their business or personal activity. Recently I have created a new Instagram account to promotes my business through social media, and I faced difficulty with posting new material every day at the same time. With POSTOPLAN, I managed to solve the problem successfully.

Easy to use and understand interface as I was able to use it both from the computer and telephone. I also like that there is a free trial period that allows checking all the abilities before deciding if you indeed want to use it for managing your social media. Opportunity to manage several accounts at the same time, which saves a lot of time. Post Calendar is a great idea!

Dahie K.
Dahie K.

I'm using everyday POSTOPLAN. Everything is almost good, it's a good system that allows you to program the publications of the business pages on social networks and also integrate different networks.

I like this service and can recommend POSTOPLAN to all who wanna manage social media accounts to use this great service! Because with this service easier and effective. You can manage your time. Firstly, easy interface to understand and simple registration process.

Secondly, I very like the idea with calendar . It's very helpful and useful, especially when you run out of ideas, so the service very well for me. And I can manage everything.

Fidan A.
Fidan A.
Events coordinator

I am considering as a new user even since I have been using this program already more than 2 weeks, however I already would like to share my positive feedback.

Having free trial is definitely great, as you clearly see if you should continue using it or not.

Very easy in coordinating and usage, you just enter requested information and start working on the same day; I also like the calendar where you see interesting facts, holidays and etc. to post about.

Moreover, the idea of managing different accounts at the same time is also very beneficial, as you do not have to log in every time.

Resevelle B
Resevelle B
Software QA Engineer

This platform supports major social media apps! It is very user-friendly and let's you schedule posts on specific time for optimal post-timing for your targeted audience. I also like the calendar feature where you can plot your future posts which saves you a lot of time and focus more on doing your business/content. The Roles and Projects page where you can set a manager for each accounts is also great feature.

This platform really is a time saver in posting to multiple social media accounts!

Raine D
Raine D
Game Tester

The best feature is the Content Plan and its Post ideas! The UI looks easy on the eyes that it really encourages you to organize every posts per day. Now, I can just plot in each day and never worry about missing to post for my page. I also liked how I can manage all my accounts in one glance; no need to log in to different platforms/websites anymore. Good UI - check. Efficient - check!

Check out the Roles and Projects feature too. It's also amazing that I don't need to literally share my log in details to someone who I want to manage these accounts, I can just set them as managers and have them work on it too. Secured/safe- check!

Okoro Mary C
Okoro Mary C
Freelance Writer

Being a paid social media manager, it's mostly time and data consuming to have to navigate different social media platforms to manage my clients' portfolios and businesses; but with POSTOPLAN I could manage all social media platforms in one place. I make posts and schedule them for publication at my own desired time.

POSTOPLAN marketing tools are amazing and easy to use too. The themes are amazing and you could adjust (make changes) to suit your eyes and taste. Amazingly, this platform doesn't delay notifications. I work with 10 other employees on POSTOPLAN, managing the same company on different shifts. love that I don't get to spend too much time on my system, I could also schedule future posts to be published later. POSTOPLAN also has amazing calendar features and gives reports for your statistics.

I highly recommend POSTOPLAN, it helps me stay organized and less stressed!