Affiliate program
Become our partner — use your influence on social media to promote POSTOPLAN, and earn a 50% commission from each and every Start or Business subscription
2 700+
partners worldwide
$ 312 000+
paid commissions in 2021
50 000+
Start making money
It doesn't matter whether you have a wide audience or if you're just getting started in publishing online content — you can start making money today just by recommending POSTOPLAN to your friends and peers.
POSTOPLAN is a constantly evolving, intuitive, and user-friendly platform that aids both beginners and professionals in creating and publishing content on social media.
Rest assured, both you and your referrals will be satisfied; they'll be saving money and time, all while you're earning a stable income.
How the affiliate program works
It's easy, fast, and crucially, free to join this program.
The amount of profit has no limit and is determined only by your participation.
Step 1
Sign Up
Open access to your own affiliate account and receive your affiliate link
Step 2
Generate your promo codes
Promo codes give a 10% discount to all users with a Start or Business subscription
Step 3
Promote on social media, in online blogs, on websites and forums, or alternatively, invite your friends and peers
Step 4
Make your money
You'll earn 50% from every purchase made by Start or Business subscribers that you've invited
but that’s not all
Profitable reward system
50% from a 1 level referral
A new user who paid for a subscription using your link or promo code
3% from a 2 level referral
A new user who paid for their subscription using a link or promo code from a 1st level referral
2% from 3–5 level referrals
A new user who paid for a subscription using a link or a promo code of any higher level referral
We increase commission levels for our most active partners
Why choose the affiliate program?
We're a fast-developing company
This trial version allows users to test all of our platform functions in action, providing high conversion rates in a short stretch of time. More than 67% of the users registered for a trial period followed through with a paid subscription.
Detailed statistics
The partner panel allows you to analyze the rates of link or promo code uses, as well as viewing information about the number of referrals and income from each and every level
Generous rewards
Thanks to the 5-level commission system, partners earn generous rewards consistently
Promotional materials
The POSTOPLAN team offers vibrant banners and other promotional materials that help to successfully promote the platform across the Internet
Affiliate support
Our affiliate managers are ready and waiting to help at any time — we’re always just an email away at [email protected]. Your success is our success!

Our clients are our biggest fans

  • I'm so thankful to POSTOPLAN: I've saved time on scheduling and publishing posts, as well as replying to questions and comments from subscribers. For that reason, I completely recommend POSTOPLAN to others as they will also be able to save time and get inspiration for future posts. It's a win-win situation!

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    Alice D.


    beauty blogger

    Alice D.
  • I'm a marketing expert – I consult small travel companies and help them build out their marketing online. I absolutely recommend POSTOPLAN to other marketers to help them with social media management, and I can even give them a promo code with a 10% discount. My partnership with POSTOPLAN strengthens my reputation, and my clients are grateful to me for the reference and the discount.

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    Maria C.



    Maria C.
  • When choosing a partner, we were assessing not only the best and cutting-edge technology – we were looking for a company that resembled our business, with smart, talented, and passionate employees. We found a great partner in POSTOPLAN and began making more money in no time at all. Our experience is a great example of how POSTOPLAN can help develop a business.

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    Ranbir B.



    Ranbir B.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to sign an agreement to participate in the program?
When you register with POSTOPLAN, you agree to our terms and conditions for participating in the affiliate program
Do I need to be a POSTOPLAN user?
Being a POSTOPLAN user isn't required, but the more familiar you are with POSTOPLAN, the easier it'll be for you to promote it.
How can I promote POSTOPLAN?
You can promote POSTOPLAN in any way you see fit. Here are a few tips we can offer you:
  • Publish posts on social media
  • Write about us in blogs and articles
  • Display POSTOPLAN banners on your website
  • Send your affiliate link or promo code to your email list
  • Write a review about POSTOPLAN
  • Create a promotional video and include a promo code
Important! You cannot display POSTOPLAN contextual advertising.
Where can I access promotional materials?
You can get access to POSTOPLAN promotional materials in your personal affiliate account under the “Banners and Promo Materials” section.
What are the terms of getting commission?
Every time you attract a new client and they make a purchase, you get a commission. A new POSTOPLAN user would have to follow your link and purchase a subscription using one of your promo codes.
How are my referrals tracked?
We use cookies to track your referrals. Cookies continue to track referrals that have followed your link or used your promo code for a maximum of 180 days.
When will I be paid?
Our product has a 30-day refund policy. That means you'll be paid within 30 days after a purchase is processed. For example, if a referred user buys a subscription on March 1st, your commission will be available on April 1st.
How long do commissions take to be paid?
You get paid within 180 days after a referral clicks on your link or pays using a promo code.
How can I get my commission?
You can track your balance in real-time in your user account. You can get your commission through Stripe after a minimum of $50 have been accrued.
What if I still have questions?
If you have any questions or need help, please email us at [email protected]
Join and start making money today!